New Mix | Dec14 | Mix

This is the recording of the last Magic Movement party at wilde Renate/Berlin. I played a 7 Hour set, from 7am till 2pm.
The crowd was totally loosing their shit, so was i. It was one of the best parties for me at Renate so far. This recording might give a glimpse of the magic vibe that day.


Testpressing | Nov 14 | Interview

Here’s the Interview Testpressing.org did with me.
I feel honoured to be featured at one of my favourite blogs on the web!
They also asked me to make a playlist with my key inflounces.
Here you go:


New Remix | Nov 2014 | Doing it

2 years ago i did a remix for Marcel Vogel, which finally got released now!
Well, good things take some time :-)

TOUR | Nov 2014 | BRAZIL

I’m really looking fwd to this years Brazil Gigs!
Come and join me

19.10 Odd at Skol Beats / Sao Paulo
26.10 Selvagem at Paribar / Sao Paulo
31.10 Voodohop at Parque Don Pedro / Sao Paulo
07.11 Selvagem / Rio de Janeiro
09.11 Floss / Rio de Janeiro
14.11 Carlos Capslock / Sao Paulo
15.11 Bar Secreto / Sao Paulo
19.11 Cio / Sao Paulo
21.11 Casa92 / Sao Paulo
29.11 Collectivo Blum / Sao Paulo

New Release | July 2014 | BRAZILIAN SHAKEDOWN

Following the path of former African Shakedown releases we proudly present the new generation of brazilian extravaganza. The Brazilian Shakedown brings you a selection of psychedelic remixes, edits and originals by the freshest brazilian producers of today. By merging their cultural heritage and understanding of contemporary dance music they create a unique musical style.

Preview | June 2014 | BRAZILIAN SHAKEDOWN

Following the path of former AFRICAN SHAKEDOWN releases we will soon give birth to a new edition.
The Brazilian Shakedown will bring you a selection of psychedelic remixes, edits and originals by the freshest brazilian producers of today.

Check out eg Carrot Greens contribution:

Preview of the whole release coming soon!

Label Launch | June 2014 | MAGIC JAMS

We are very happy to announce the label launch of The Magic Movement subdivision MAGIC JAMS.
This label will be the home of more funky House music and Disco, while The Magic Movement Mothership will take care of psychedelic and globalized dancemusic.

The first release on MAGIC JAMS fetaures SNACKS, a new live duo from Berlin.
It comes along with our personal summer hit PURDIE, which produced already quite a stir at the Beats in Space Radio Show. Furthermore the release contains a Prosumer rmx of Purdie and 2 more tracks by Snacks.

Check out this preview

Release | February 2014 | THE MAGIC MOVEMENT

I got this mail from Cairo, from a label called “THE MAGIC MOVEMENT”, asking me for music for their Label.
Well, i send them some tunes and i got back this release… with beautiful Artwork, check out the 12″ !

Release | February 2014 | AFRICAN SHAKEDOWN #2

African Shakedown is back! Check out our latest release with jams by Axel Boman, Soft Rocks, Eddie C and Noema!

Soulsearching | March 14 | Mix

My friend Michael Rütten asked to to do a guestmix for hie Soulsearching Radioshow.
This is what i came up with

listen to the full show here:

Southport Weekender | Feb 14 | Mix

To accompany the latest guest mix in the Southport Weekender Inspirations series,
Gavin Kendrick interviewed Noema, talking psychedelia, mysticism and Ghanaian reworks.

Check out the blog post here:

New Mix | January 2014 | Berlinaric Backstage Blues

Here’s a new mix i recorded at the backstage dungeons of wilde Renate, which is a cosy place to hang out. I played a selection of slow groovers, which not necessarily were made for the dancefloor. But believe it or not, the people were dancing from the first till the last record ;-)


I’m very happy to announce our Record Release Party for the African Shakedown 2 and the label launch of our new Baby “THE MAGIC MOVEMENT”. The first EP is by my very self and contains 3 psychedelic House/Disco jams.
The record release Party will take place at my second home “wilde Renate” in Berlin on the 1st of February and will feature Axel Boman, Eddie C, Soft Rocks, Emil doesn’t Drive, Oceanvs Orientalis (live), Constantin Groll, Anson, Beju and me. I’m excited about the Berlin debut of Oceanvs Orientalis, an emerging artist from Istanbul, whom we signed for an upcoming release on

Let’s Dance!

BRAZIL TOUR 2013 | Nov 2013 | GIGS

I’m really looking forward to the Brazil Tour this year!
Last year was already a blast and i’m so happy to see all this nice people again!!!

08.11 NEON (Porto Alegre)
13.11 CIO (Sao Paulo)
14.11 CARLOS CAPSLOCK (Sao Paulo)
16.11 VOODOOHOP (Sao Paulo)
22.11 — (Rio de Janeiro) (tbc)
24.11 VOODOOHOP (Sao Paulo) (tbc)
29.11 BAR SECRETO (Sao Paulo) (tbc)
7.12 ALTO VIDIGAL (Rio de Janeiro)

Say hello in case you are there!

Preview | Sept 2013 | AFRICAN SHAKEDOWN 2

I’m very happy to announce the second Edition of the AFRICAN SHAKEDOWN! We are working on it atm, and it will be ready in the beginning of November. It will feature edits by Eddie C, SOFT ROCKS, AXEL BOMAN and me. Yeah!

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